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The Hope


We believe Pastors and church leaders are a vital key to rebuilding Northern Uganda. Many of Gulu’s pastors are called to lead their people into a deeper relationship with God, but they have a lack Biblical knowledge. The statistic is only 9 of 1000 pastors have been formally trained to understand and teach the Bible. Kent and Rebecca, along with a team of missionaries and Ugandans, started Terebinth Bible College, the sole accredited evangelical Bible school in Northern Uganda, to train up pastors and church leaders to teach the Word of God accurately and use it skillfully while performing all aspects of ministry within the community.


Terebinth Ministries desires to offset ministry costs while providing locals with jobs. One key way to do this is through business as mission (BAM). BAM Enterprises raises funds through farming, grain storage and livestock. This project will not only offset costs for the school, but also provide jobs and discipleship opportunities. Training and discipleship for local farmers will create sustainable and reproducible programs to help the community. The farm focuses mainly on raising and selling chickens, pigs, goats, as well as milling and storing grains. Our desire to support the local farmer by providing fair opportunities to buy and sell with us allow our farm to present Jesus in a unique way. Where there is poverty, there is corruption, particularly in business. Scales are not fair, which the Bible says the Lord despises. We see our business as part of our mission to love people. Ensuring we use fair scales and treat people with dignity is paramount to walking in the Lord and making His name great.


In ministering to the needs of the widow, the fatherless and the poor, the goal is to train-up and assist each church in being the hands and feet of Jesus to these vulnerable people groups. Our pastors/students have the privilege of presenting God’s grace and healing to the hurting people who daily live out the devastating effects of their country’s past. There are literally thousands that fit into this category. Terebinth Ministries has a large widows ministry that reaches over 180 widows and 600 fatherless children on a monthly basis. The ministry provides a large monthly food package from BAM, weekly discipleship through trained church members and business opportunities to assist with earned income. The beautiful aspect of this ministry is it has created a strong community within our churches and the widows have become the strongest base of volunteers and every day evangelists in our communities.