The Nolleys - Rocky Mountain Calvary Missions

The Calling


The Nolleys in Uganda. As long-term missionaries.

God planted the desire, and, after multiple visits to Uganda, and much preparation and prayer, the Nolleys moved to Uganda in 2015.

How did all this come about?

Rebecca’s first trip to Uganda was in 2003, during which she served for a month as an elementary teacher with New Hope Uganda. She witnessed the great needs of the Ugandan people and their willingness to receive the help. The desire to return full-time flamed in her heart and it never went away.

Kent became the missions pastor of his church in 2009, exactly when the church decided to make Uganda a focus country. Kent led his first short-term missions trip to Gulu in 2010, with annual visits following. Kent quickly learned why Rebecca felt so deeply about working in Uganda. During that trip, what Kent found was a great hunger amongst the Acholi people to understand who Jesus is and how to interpret the Bible. Many of the pastors and leaders lacked knowledge of the scripture, but have a calling on their lives to lead people into worship and minister to the hurting. relationships grew with each return and God’s vision for the Nolleys future began to be revealed. In 2013, Kent and Rebecca made the decision to become missionaries to Northern Uganda. The plan was to pray, raise support and for Kent to retire from the Air Force Reserve in 2015, then move to Uganda. The plan came to fruition and Kent and Rebecca, along with their three children, landed in Uganda on July 3rd, 2015. After 6 months of on-the-ground training at New Hope Uganda, they moved to Gulu in 2016, where they began a journey that led to what we see today, not to mention adding to adopted children in 2018, rounding out their family to 7.