The Calling

Uganda July 2014 037
The Nolleys are moving. To Uganda. As long-term missionaries.

God planted the desire, and, after multiple visits there, and much preparation and prayer, the Nolleys are getting ready – and are excited to follow His leading.

How did all this come about?

Rebecca’s first trip to Uganda was in 2003 during which she served for a month as a teacher with New Hope Uganda. She witnessed the great needs of the Ugandan people and their willingness to receive the help. The desire to return full-time has flamed in her heart since then.

Kent became the missions pastor of his church in 2009, exactly when Pastor Eric decided to make Uganda a focus country for the church. Kent led his first short-term missions trip there in 2010, with annual visits following. As relationships grew with each return, God’s vision for the Nolleys future began to be revealed.

Much brokenness exists in Gulu, Uganda. Yet the hunger for God’s Word is deep. Recognizing the need of the local pastors and church leaders to be further instructed in the Scriptures, Kent and Rebecca also recognize that this is their time to step out in faith with their three children and answer God’s call to fill that need.